Holmes Educational State Forest

Holmes Educational State Forest

Holmes Educational State Forest

1299 Crab Creek Road
HendersonvilleNC  28739
(828) 692-0100

Open Mid-March until late November (Free Admission)
Tuesday - Friday: 9:00a - 5:00p
Saturday - Sunday: 10:00a - 6:00p

Holmes Educational State Forest is a managed forest designed to promote better understanding of the value of forests through exhibits. The purpose of Holmes Educational State Forest is to teach children and adults about the complex, interdependent ecosystems which make up a forest and which can be managed for a multitude of uses.

There are a series of well-marked trails, accented by exhibits and displays depicting ecology of a managed forest in Holmes Educational State Forest.. The forest is open Tuesday-Sunday from mid-March to late November.

The Hiking Trails are approximately 5 miles in varying degrees of difficulty. The Talking Tree Trail features a recorded message about the tree, its site, and the forest history. The trail is a 1/2 mile easy walk, takes approximately 30 minutes.

The Crab Creek Trail is a 1/2 mile easy walk.

The Forest Demonstration Trail is a 2 mile strenuous walk, takes 1 1/2-2 hours. Actual forestry practices are explained on the trail.

The Wildcat Rock Trail is a 3/4 mile very strenuous walk.

Holmes is a great place to bring the entire family for a day of relaxation and picnicing.  There are many areas for the children to play and hike.