The above video was created for Brevard, NC. However, most of the scenes are also near Hendersonville. For example, Dupnt Forest, the location of many of the waterfalls, is about half-way between Hendersonville and Brevard -- off of Crab Creek Road. Dupont Forest was the location of the Arena in the first episode of "The Hunger Games" and was also a location for the filming of "The last of the Mohicans".

A small budget film named "The Healer" was also filmed at Dupont Forest. During the filming of "The Healer" fire trucks were used to provide a wet pavement and a large light on a very tall boom was used to provide a full moon.


The Fall Apple Festival is held each Labor Day weekend and is one of the largest, if not the largest, festival in Western North Carolina. There is plenty of great music and entertainment along with lots of food of every type. It is a very family friendly festival and a great experience for children. There is a large parade that is held Monday on Main Street. All of Main Street is closed to traffic during the entire festival. And, all of the music and entertainment if free. There is no admission charge!


The Fourth of July celebration includes Music, Dancing and Fireworks. Make your way to the Visitor's Center at 201 South Main Street to join in the festivities.


The way it used to be done! Spinzilla is held at the Visitor's Center at 201 South Main Street. Check with the Visitor's Center for the date. Phone (800) 828-4244 or (828) 693-9708 for more information.