Mt LeConte & Alum Cave

Mt LeConte and Alum Cave Trail is 90.2 miles and 2 hours west of Hendersonville.

The Alum Cave Trail is the shortest and steepest of the five trails leading to Mt Le Conte. Mt LeConte consist of four separate peaks, the highest has an elevation of 6,593 feet -- which is the third highest peak in the park.

Alum Cave Trail is often considered Le Conte's most scenic route and it is the most common route for hikers seeking to reach the summit of Mt LeConte.

Mt LeConte Lodge provides the only commercial lodging in the national park, with 10 rustic cabins with no electricity or appliances.The lodge is the highest guest lodge in the eastern United States with and elevation of about 6,400 feet.The LeConte Lodge is a small resort, established in 1925, located on the top of the mountain. The lodge is very popular and the cabins fill up quickly. Guests may sometimes have to book reservations over a year in advance.